The Hero's Journey of Psychic Medium & Intuitive Guide Rael Reddick

My guest for this episode is Rael Reddick.  Rael is and Psychic Medium and Intuitive Guide.  Rael and I have known each other for over thirty years but only reconnected recently through unusual circumstances and synchronicities that we talk about in the interview. It is something I don’t understand and may never complete realizing why. Rael comes from a famous military family, and her father was a founding member of the Flight For Life program.   

She was at one time a highly paid CFO for a large corporation. Although her special abilities have been with her from the time she was a small child she only shared it with a few people for fear that people would think she was “crazy.” So she led the typical American life until her son passed away unexpectedly. After his passing, she decided to pursue her life’s purpose by using her unique abilities to help others.  She does through her company SOUL 2 SOUL INTUITIVE by giving in person and distant readings.

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