The Heros Journey of Marriage Communication Expert Amity Quist Jones

My guest for this episode is Author and Marriage Communication expert Amity Quist Jones.

Amity was raised by her father after her mother chose to abandon the family when Amity was a small child. It is usually the other way around with the father leaving his children.  However, it gave Amity the opportunity to learn many valuable lessons from her father. A great, and let’s face it, an unusual lesson her father taught her was about dating and marriage from a male perspective. Amity took these unique and valuable lessons and wrote two books. Her first book was Dating Tips From Dad: How To Win The Dating Game.  She followed that book a year later with Your Marriage Rescue Plan: 10 Secrets to Mastering Your Marriage Communication.  She is a certified SYMBIS facilitator.  SYMBIS is a Pre-marriage assessment program.  She has recently released her own online course “Rock Your Marriage Talk.” This course is designed to quickly get to the next level of communication in your marriage.