The Hero's Journey of Cancer Survivor Robert Harrion

Our guest for this episode is Robert Harrion.  Robert is a survivor of a rare form of cancer.  Robert had pockets of cancer cells spread throughout his abdominal cavity.  He was given a less than a 30% chance of survival and had a difficult time finding a doctor who would perform the surgery that was needed to give Robert a chance of survival.  His first surgery was the equivalent of having five surgeries done at once.  It was a 12-hour procedure.  Now, this alone would be a monumental obstacle to overcome and heal from, but there were complications.  Robert had to have two more surgeries within two weeks.  So he had three major surgeries within fourteen days.  Which is rare and put his chance of survival at less than 10%.  He is still here to share the wisdom he gained from his hero’s journey.

This is a two-part interview.In part one we discuss Roberts’s background and where his journey began We then discuss his surgeries and how deep the abyss got for him.It is a testament to the will to survive and overcome great odds.