The Hero's Journey of Chris Tai Melodista

My guest for this episode is Chris Tai Melodista.  As a lifelong student of martial arts, Chris has always enjoyed challenging himself both physically and mentally by exploring new ways to improve himself and by helping others to do the same. He is a certified life coach from the Hendricks Institute, a master practitioner in Neuro-linguistic programming and clinical hypnosis.  His practice draws from a vast range of experience in movement, meditation and breath work which include Yoga, Systema Russian martial arts, and MovNat. In addition, he was the first person in the US to be Wim Hoff certified back in 2014. Now, that is an impressive resume, but what leaves a greater impression on you is when you are taking one of his workshops.  I had the privilege to participate in a workshop that he and his business partner Jared who co-founded  Be Jaya - Reset Rebalance Recover together, gave at Vibetality in Chandler AZ.  It was one of the best workshops I have ever been involved in.  This is the hero’s journey of Chris Tai Melodista. Be Jaya. Be Victorious. Enjoy.