The Hero’s Journey of a trailblazing scientist, professor, and reality TV star

Our guest for this episode is Dr. Sian Proctor.  Dr. Proctor is an African American explorer, scientist, STEM communicator, and she was down to the last 27 people selected to be an astronaut for NASA. She is a geology, sustainability, and planetary science professor. She has also appeared in three educational TV shows.  She was on The Colony Season 2 which was aired on The Discovery Channel. She has appeared on the PBS series Genius By Stephen Hawking. She is currently featured on the science show Strange Evidence.

Now that is an incredible resume but what makes Sian’s journey so unique is she was a trailblazer.  Until recently, she was the only black female she met in the past thirty years in her fields of study.  You can imagine that she has faced numerous obstacles on her journey and she shares how she overcame them and the lessons learned.  We also talk about what we should expect from the increasing climate changes and what we each of us can do.