What is Your “Worldview” and Why it is Important?

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Have you ever asked yourself, what your worldview is or simply stared why do I see the world as I do? What led me to my current perception of this thing called life? I’m not talking about just a superficial examination but a deep examination of what created the filters of perception you currently possess.

The World is as The World is

What is the world? When we hear “life sucks” what most people mean is people suck. We not only have a difficult time seeing things as they are but an even greater challenge seeing things beyond a human standpoint.  Many think that they see the world as it is but this is an illusion. They see the world as they are. Some see miracles in everything, while others don’t see any miracles in anything.  As with many things worldviews follow the bell curve, most of us are somewhere in the middle. We see some good some bad, but almost all of it is a mystery. Let us take a look at how these worldviews are formed and then why it is important to not only know what your worldview is but why it is crucial to understanding your life.

How We Construct Our Filters

The foundation of a worldview is established when we are children, and in the environments, we grow up in.  For example, a child being raised in Syria today will have a different view of the world in the future than a child being raised in Beverly Hills. This is elementary. What isn’t elementary is as we mature and grow into adults, much of our worldviews come from two main sources. Those sources are science and religion. Two sources who often appear to be on opposite ends of the spectrum. At times they may intersect, but usually, they are seen as separate. Although one could believe that gravity is real and a part of science while at the same time believing that God created gravity and it is within his/her omnipresent power to control it.  An example would be a child being raised in war-torn Syria is being exposed to a lot or religion and basic survival and not too much science. The child raised in Beverly Hills could be exposed to religion, but they also have access to a great science-based education along with all the latest technology and access to information.  As we age, this gets a little tricky because often we question some of the information we were exposed to when we were kids. Worldviews can change, but usually, that is brought about by something that occurs in a life that is difficult or challenging. Some schools of thought would say that it is through suffering that we change our worldview from when we were children to when we become adults.  Although for some of us it may be well into their of adulthood until their worldview is shaken and perhaps changed. This is called The Hero’s Journey as described by Joseph Campbell in “The Hero With A Thousand Faces.” A book that all should read who want to better understand their lives.

Why Your Worldview Matters

Now in my life, I can see how important my worldview is and how it shapes, for better or worse, my perception of my life, the lives of others, the fellow species who share our planet, and the planet itself.  Some would say it is the most powerful force underlying human behavior. All of your experiences are filtered through your worldview consciously and unconsciously. As with most of our lives most of the time it is on an unconscious level. There is some recent research which suggests that the decisions we make are already made unconsciously at a deeper level before we consciously become aware of our so-called decisions. Then it stands to reason that it has an effect on every choice, decision, and action you take.  It's a worthwhile endeavor to take some time to understand your worldview. How does one accomplish that? I believe the first step is silence. Silence has been the most helpful and insightful language I have experienced. From there I would sit down and write out what my views are and then break them down seeking from where each one originated from.  In doing a Google search, I came across some online tests to help determine my worldview. I have no connection to any of this site I just found it interesting and informative. It is from the Institute For Cultural Evolution (http://bit.ly/2JTfq93).  Another method that I would strongly suggest for you to investigate is The Enneagram. The Enneagram is an ancient “personality” test that within the last twenty-five years has been updated and become mainstream. When you correctly discover your Enneagram type, it will be like you are reading your autobiography. It can unsettle while at the same time enlightening when you realize there are billions before, now, and after you who share the same type. There are only nine personality types according to the Enneagram.

The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades….

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord