Have you begun your second life?


In this thing we call human life, it appears that we live two lives.  A life where we see the world and ourselves a certain way and base our beliefs off that world view.  Then we live a life after an event or events trigger a significant change in perception.  Unfortunately for many, that trigger involves a great deal of suffering for change to take place.  This aspect of human life is the foundation of the Hero's Journey and all resurrection stories.  My question to you is what life are you living now? The first or the second? The false or the true life?

The first/false life

The first life we live is based upon the programs that are inputted into the supercomputer in your skull during your early childhood.  I recall when I was earning my B.S. in Psychology at Colorado State University I was taught and often reminded that the imprints made during the first six years of our lives we carry with us for the rest of our lives.  That is until you begin your second life.  These imprints come from a variety of sources.  Some examples of the sources are your parents, your family, your parents’ friends and family friends.  Others include religion, school, TV, and the internet.  The environment you grow up in such as what part of the country or world you were exposed to.

The first life thinking tends to be black and white in regards to issues, such as race relations.  There is an absolute right or wrong viewpoint.  We are right they are the wrong type of thinking. There is not a lot of grays.  Not too much middle ground.  There is never enough of whatever you want.  The first life tends to seek pleasure over substance.  The first life is quick to anger and resentment.  The ego tends to rule this life.  The first life is when all our thoughts are taken as truth.  Our emotions run along a roller coaster.  We live completely unconscious of all the previous programming and conditioning and accept them as reality. A question you should ask yourself right now is, am I the living imitation of my past programming?   

Why would this be living a false life?  Let me ask you are you your own person?  Do you make decisions based upon the facts you are facing at the moment or do you rely on what you have always done in the past?  From where did the ideas and beliefs you hold originate from?  Are they actually your thoughts and beliefs?  When you ponder these questions, you begin to see why it is a false life.

The Second/True Life   

When we start to live the second life after our forty days in the desert or seven days under the Bodhi tree you emerge a different person. You start living a life based upon observation more than confrontation.  You begin to question your beliefs and viewpoints.  You ask yourself, is what I believe accurate or was it what I was taught when I was two.  You see that there isn’t always a right or wrong.  You begin to see why someone may think a certain way and you don’t and neither of you is right or wrong.  You become the witness to your thoughts more than just being your thoughts.  You realize that just because I have a thought in my head doesn’t mean that it is true and accurate and I don’t have to hold on to it.  You recognize that who I thought I was wasn’t me or it wasn’t the complete me. 

Why is this the true life?  Perhaps we may not ever be completely free of the past or present conditioning. Unless you live in a cave somewhere you will be like the five people you associate with the most.  It is a function of brain biology.  The mirror neurons in your brain are an evolutionary function of human survival.  The key is awareness of these conditions.  That is the true life.  Awareness is the true life.  Being in the moment as much as you can is the true life.

I will ask you again; what life are you living the true or the false life?  If you are still living the false life everything you just read will be nonsense.  You will ask yourself why the hell am I wasting my time reading this.  If you are living the true life you’ll understand why the person in the first life can’t see what you see and you will continue to follow and read.

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord