The world is not aganist you.

It is a common idea to think that something or someone is out to get us.  The world is against us and we must fight to survive.  We have to hustle and struggle.  It is survival of the fittest.  The one who dies with the most toys wins.  You have heard them all at one time or another.  It is a part of our culture.  Have you ever taken a moment and deeply contemplated these beliefs? 

We are wired to survive

A challenging aspect of human existence is that although we possess the ability to reason and use logic; paradoxically we are also driven by primal instincts.  Leading the pack in the primal instinct crowd is survival.  Your brain’s primary agenda is to keep itself alive above all else.  The importance of this aspect of human existence is somewhat overlooked.  I have come to believe that it is the root of many human troubles.  It is the nest from which the ego is born.  We can never have enough no matter how much we possess.  It leads to confrontations with others and conflicts within ourselves.  If your brain is always looking for threats, it is bound to find some.  Most of the things we see as presenting a threat are illusions.  The fear center in your brain is not concerned with plausibility, it is concerned with continued existence.  We project and transfer these perceived threats and fears onto the world around us.

You are not born into the world you come from it

Why do some feel the world is against them?  Life can be challenging.  We face many difficulties as we navigate through the waters of life.  We experience many peaks and valleys.  These do not arise from the world.  The world is as the world is.  You were not born into this world as some form of punishment.  The environment does not seek to cause you harm in and of itself.  It just is.  We must live in balance with the world or suffer the consequences.  However, we are not separate from the world.  As the song from the 80’s said: “We Are The World.”  You are the world.  You didn’t get born into the world.  You come from the world.  I think this is something the environmentalist have missed.  It is part of the prison of self.  The idea that you are somehow separate from everything else.  That is the ultimate illusion.  Nothing arises from itself.  Your continued existence is dependent upon many factors.  So many that it would take an entire book the size of the old encyclopedias to name them all.  Therefore how can the world be against you?  You are an intricate part of the world.  You aren't just a participant in nature.  You are nature. 

My Enemy

I only have one enemy.  Earlier in my life, I along with many others believed that the world was against me and all posed a threat. I had numerous enemies.  There were many protagonists in the story that was my life. I now see can see what I couldn’t see before.  It was not possible for me to see it. I was trapped in the prison of self and delusional.  There is only one enemy and that enemy is me.  I create the world around me through the choices I make.  I can create heaven or hell.  As Bruce Lee discovered,  there is only the illusion to see through.  I am the problem.  I am the obstacle.  It is not a matter of fighting.  It is a matter of surrender.  To surrender is the fight.  

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord