And Now For An Update.......

Vision Board:

It has been about four months since the vision board experiment.  My experience with the vision board so far has been mixed.  One part of the vision board which has materialized is the photo of Wim Hof.  I wanted to adopt his methods and I have to some extent.  I have not completed his ten-week course, but I have begun the cold shower routine.  I finish every shower cold.  You start out with hot or warm water and you end it cold.  At first, you take the majority of your shower hot you then turn the water cold for thirty seconds.  You add a few minutes each week.  Eventually, you will start and finish your shower cold.   I will admit that some days the water feels colder than other days which is an exciting mindful experience.  Not surprisingly my attitude towards the cold effects my experience each time.  Although, it has become such a habit now that even on the days when I think I’ll skip it I find myself turning off the hot water knob. A cold shower in Phoenix during the summer isn’t quite as challenging for us here in the dessert.

One other image on the vision board has been unfolding.  This vision which has taken a giant step forward is in the continued self-discovery department.  Who I am and who everyone else is mainly the stories we tell ourselves and stories we tell each other about each other.  Our memories are stories, our thoughts of the future are stories.  When we can be present for a moment we are telling stories to ourselves about the current situation.  We rarely experience things as they are.  It is mainly our own commentary.   This must be why stories and storytelling always grab us.  Our stories can elevate us and move us forward.  However, they can also cause us and the world around us to digress.  What they usually do is keep us locked in repeated behavior patterns.  All other visions on the board have not materialized as I intended.  Perhaps I wasn’t specific enough.

21 Day No Complaint Challenge:

It has been ten days since the challenge began.  However, I am still on day one.  I have yet to get through a full day without some form of verbal complaining.  I believe the longest I have gone is eight hours without complaining.  That is cheating a little because I was sleeping during those eight hours.  I strongly encourage you to take up this challenge.  It is quite difficult.  Complaining is an habitual act.  You will be surprised how much you complain when you make an effort not to complain.  You will after a few days begin to hone in your awareness.  I have not been able to stop complaining but I am becoming more aware of when I am about to voice a complaint.  It will take continued effort.  It may be a year until I am able to get to 21 days straight without a complaint.  Time will tell as it always does.


Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord