What Is Focal Is Important

“If you don't read the newspaper, you're uninformed. If you read the newspaper, you're misinformed.”

- Mark Twain


I’m sure many have heard of the latest incident in London.  Well, I don’t know much about it, and I don’t want to.  I have decided that after all I have learned and observed in my mind I want to focus on the world I want to live in.  Not the one that is portrayed in the media.

You See What You Focus On

Here is a little insight into how your brain works.  What is focused on is what becomes important, and remember your brain will always default its attention to negative information.  There have been numerous studies conducted which clearly show that when our focus gets changed the object that we are focused on will have greater importance.  I will use the new car example.  Whenever you get a new car, you begin to notice the same car or same model much more.  The cars were always there.  Your attention on them was not. 

Give Up The News

A good practice to adopt would be to stop following the latest news, gossip, or even current events.  An insight I have begun to understand is that the latest news is a repeat of yesterday’s news.  It is a repeat of the news from 50 years ago.  It is the same news from 5,000 years ago.  The news continually repeats itself.  The names and places might be different, but the actions and words are usually the same.  The news continually repeats itself, because we continually repeat ourselves.  Many of us do not understand who we are or even attempt to discover who we are and our potential.  The world you want to live in is like the new car.  It is always there; you just don’t notice it yet.

Create Your News

Focus your attention on the thousands of things you can be grateful for this second.  If you can’t think of them, then you need more practice.  Instead of focusing on the latest cop shooting, the latest attack, the latest bad news, focus on the millions of acts of kindness that is occurring around the world right now.  There is a continual flow of life occurring around us throughout the universe.  It happens in cycles.  Birth, life, death, rebirth.  It is a copious ocean always flowing.  Ride on those waves.  Don't sink in the riptide.

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord