Tides Rise, Tides Fall: I Remain In The Center



It has been an interesting time since the last post.  I was involved in a car accident which has had many lessons attached to it.  They always do, we just don’t see them much of the time.  I will get into the lessons but first a few facts.

Just The Facts Ma’am

I was leaving an interview I had just recorded for the upcoming Your Hero’s Journey Podcast when the accident occurred.  It was a great interview with Jean Pomeroy from Workforce Meditations and Lifeforce Meditations.  I have been having problems with the climate control touch screen on my Prius.  I was continually pressing the button to turn on the AC for a few minutes, yes for those who don’t live in Phoenix you have to turn on the AC in your car sometimes even in February when the driver in front of me decided to stop at a red light.  Unfortunately, I did not.  Physics, as they always do, prevailed.  I struck the back of a trailer attached to a landscaping truck.  What should have only been a mere exchange of insurance information turned into a two and half hour situation?  The driver who spoke little English didn’t have a driver’s license, no insurance information in his truck, and I seriously questioned if he was a legal citizen. 

Lessons Learned

It was confirmed that the practices I have been engaged in over the last several years work.  I am sure that my heart rate elevated when I struck the trailer, but it quickly decreased.  As we were pulling to the side of the road, I immediately thought of focusing my attention on my breath.  I was aware enough to check my thought patterns since I had just had a massive release of stress hormones.  It was sure to affect my thought patterns, and I wanted to maintain my composure.  I was able to think clearly through an unusual situation.  I never lost my composure.  I have since found out that the gentleman I hit is suing.  In contemplating that situation, I can gain some valuable insight.  Which is that it is something that I have no control over so I can let it go.

Areas For Improvement

It has been several days since the incident, and I catch myself replaying the situation in my head as if by doing this it will change.  Our mind likes to cling.  It likes to cling to the past, and the future rarely does it cling to the present.  Focus on the present.  It is all we ever have.  I can’t physically go back to the incident because the only place it continues to exist is in my mind.     

I Am Grateful

Even though there are repercussions from this incident, mainly financial, I am grateful that it occurred.  I was able to reconfirm that my practices are working, even when I struggle with them.  The struggle is what pays the greatest return.  I had an opportunity present itself when I met a new friend who I would not have met if I had not been delayed for a couple of hours.  Most importantly, It gives me the opportunity to make improvements in myself, which is a continual journey. 

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord