You Live Most Of Your Life Unconsciously

I am currently reading the book “Pre–Suasion: A revolutionary way to influence and persuade” by Robert Cialdini.  Robert Cialdini if you do not know is the author of the hugely popular book “Influence.”  It took him about twenty years to follow up that book with “Pre–Suasion,” but it was well worth the wait.  In his latest book, he discusses and elaborates on the research published over the last twenty years concerning the subtle influences we all are subject to, and what many advertisers and con artists know quite well.  If you work in sales or marketing, it is a MUST READ book.  If you are a consumer, it is a MUST READ book.  It reminds me that I am still in many ways just a hairless monkey who can talk and walk upright. 

A heavy book

I will give you an example of what I mean when I say I am a hairless monkey.  There was a study done with two groups of people who read the same book.  Word for word the same book.  There was one subtle difference between them.  One set of books had a heavier binding.  They weighed slightly more than the other books.  What they discovered was that the books that were heavier were declared as to having a greater impact on them.  In other words, the same worded book that weighed more was perceived to have a greater impact on the reader compared to the lighter books.

10 Million Vs. 40

Some of the latest research through the use of functional MRI technology has determined that our brains process roughly ten million bits of information every second.  In other words, there are ten million chemical exchanges that occur between the neurons in our brain.  Of that ten million how many do you think you are consciously aware of through your five senses…………..?  Forty! Ten Million vs. Forty.  Clearly, most of what is occurring us around and within us, our conscious mind is oblivious to. 

Gurdjieff was right

Last week I mentioned Gurdjieff’s influence in regards to the practice of contemplating impermanence.  I would suggest you reread the previous blog to get a better understanding.  Gurdjieff’s central tenant in his philosophy was that people go through life asleep.  We are awake doing things, buying things, living our lives, but we are not truly awake.  It amazes me that Gurdjieff was able to deduce this without the use of modern measuring instruments and all the latest reproduced research, but he was unquestionably correct in his observations.


By studying similar philosophies and investigations over the last five years, it has compelled me to begin offering workshops.  I am taking all the information I have gathered and lived, from the ancient yogis in Indian to the latest scientific research and I will start teaching these techniques and methods to those who wish to  become mindful and live life with peace of mind.  The next one is on February 25th titled “Habits of Fulfillment: Happiness is a Habit.”  If you live in the Phoenix area, you can register at 

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Rich Decker – Mindful Accord

Rich Decker