Is there a winner in the game of life?


A concept that I have been pondering is the idea that the life that we live is just a game.  If it is a game where there is no winner? At least not in the way that many think of when they think of winning.  A few years ago when the actor Charlie Sheen was having his public breakdown and getting fired from the most popular show on TV, he made it fashionable to say out loud “Winninnng.”  It was fun, and as I think back on that I chuckle, but what are we winning?  Just as recently as two hundred years ago a successful day or a day of “Winninnng” was to survive the day.  Is it any different now or is this idea of winning an illusion we created?  A story we began to tell ourselves collectively.

Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie

Is there ever a time when we have enough stuff? That kind of thinking at least in our culture is alien to many.  People buying stuff drives two-thirds of our entire economy.  If we are honest, most of the things we buy are unnecessary and not needed.  The ego left unchecked can never be satisfied. 

We must always remember that our brains are wired to survive.  Evolution designed our brains over the course of hundred's of thousands of years.  For most of that time, we did not eat three meals a day and had stores with thousands of items that are only a few miles away, or buy stuff through your phone and have it delivered in a day.  The survival part of our brain wants all it can get because it was designed through the process of not knowing when food, water, and shelter may come around again.


There is no prize at the end of the game

I am working on adopting the philosophy of treating life as a gameIt is a game that I will not win.  Why?  Well, what do you win at the end of the game? Nothing, you will be dead and return to dust.  If you believe in an afterlife than I guess there is more to come but let's assume that no one knows with absolute assurance that we continue after this life is ended or we come back in another form.  For no one knows for sure.  The key then is playing the game itself.  Put in another way, it is the journey, not the destination that is most important.  There is no destination unless your goal is to reach nothing, Which is where it appears, to me at least, we will go.  I came from nothing I guess I will return to nothing.  It does not matter what my thoughts are about the end.  For the end is coming regardless of my opinions about it.  So then I should focus on the game.  This game called human life.  The challenge is how to play it with the highest skill.  For me, at least at this point, the game is to gain control of my mind and be free from it.  We have to each find our own blueprint or map to help us navigate the seas of life.

A new podcast

A podcast I have been working on for some time is being released next week on December 15th.  It is called The Hero’s Journey.  It is a podcast where you can gain strength as you travel your hero’s journey.  I hope you will check it out.  We have some great guests who share their stories about their hero's journey.

Until Next Time,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord