Are you a slave to your attachments?

"Attachment is the great fabricator of illusions; reality

can be attained only by someone who is detached."

- Simon Weil

I had a recent experience with an attachment which has shown me how much work I have to do in this area.  We all have attachments and addictions.  Some are more visibly harmful than others, but I imagine that just about everyone has some form of addiction to their attachments.

A universal attachment

I am not going to go too far out on a limb and assume that you have within your reach a device that just about everyone that I know has.  If it weren't close by or you didn’t know exactly where it was, you would most likely be upset bordering on real mental anguish.  That standard attachment addiction we share is to the cell phone.

Cell Phone Withdrawals

I have had an LG 4G phone for almost a year now. Well two weeks ago from today it stopped working.  I came to find out that that particular phone had some manufacturing issues if it was made before September 2015.  I thought no big deal I’ll just go to the Sprint store and get a new phone in the morning.  No such luck.  I needed to wait a few days.  “Ok, no big deal it will be a good exercise in dealing with attachments.”  I wish it would have only been that easy.

“The horror………”

As I was leaving the Sprint store, it hit me.  I noticed I felt anxious and unsettled.  I was having phone withdrawals almost immediately.  I could not get my phone fix, and it hurt.  My phone occupied much of my thoughts for the majority of the day.  I was trying to be mindful of my thoughts, and it wasn't too difficult because most of them we about my broken cell phone.  I somehow made it through the day still partially intact.  

Keeping track of my thoughts

The following day I was going to take advantage of my situation and keep track of my repetitive thoughts, which is an excellent mindfulness practice to embrace.  I grabbed my little notebook and pencil and went about my day.  My goal was to make a mark every time I had a thought about my phone.  I stopped making notations after I reached about 50 by noon.  What a powerful lesson.

The end of the horror…..

It took two full weeks until I got a new phone.  Sprint called it 10 business days I call it 14 days without what I have discovered is my primary attachment.  I will say that as the days went on I thought of my phone less and less and recalled the days before we had this new crack.  Smart Phones are a tremendously powerful instrument that allows us to have access to information within seconds.  However, it is a source of much distraction and reinforces many of are already mindless behaviors.  So if you're brave enough leave your phone at home for the day.  Bring your notepad and count how many times you think of your phone.  I bet you will surprise yourself.  As a footnote, I might add that Sprint’s customer service was quite poor, at best.  Along with another incident, I have had with them I have decided to find a new dealer once this current lease has expired.  If you like your current dealer and are happy with their supply, let me know.

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker
Mindful Accord