The First Blog

I must admit this is the first blog that I have ever written for the "Information Super Highway," as it was once referred to a couple of decades ago.   

I want to start my first blog by stating my intention.  My intention is to share and provide information that will help the reader to embrace and maintain a mindful life.  I will rely on my own personal experiences as well as the wealth of information from others over the centuries

Learning to gain control of our minds is nothing new.  It is most likely been around as long as people have been around.  Our brain does not have too much interest in remaining consistently in the present moment.  It is an unbelievable instrument with which we do not fully understand, but understanding our minds without mindfulness is like people trying to understand the universe while believing the earth is flat. 

Mindfulness is a skill that must be practiced daily in order to live it.  Even then, we slip and fall back into old behavior patterns over and over and over again.  Living this lifestyle is definitely a journey and not a destination.  

I believe in evidence-based empirical information.  If you are a fan of Sam Harris for example, then you will like this blog.

Learning mindfulness and incorporating it into my daily life saved my life.  I made a YouTube video that briefly tells my story and why I formed Mindful Accord.  

I look forward to our journey together.


My personal testimony on how mindfulness practices transformed my life. When these practices are done a regular basis they can transform you.