Do vision boards actually work?


You may have heard or seen videos about vision boards.  They became popular after the book and movie “The Secret” came out and recently I have been noticing various places offering workshops.  I write down my goals and action plans.  However, I have never made a vision board before.  So I decided to do a vision board workshop this weekend at one of my favorite places Vibetality  Although even after I signed up, I wonder if and how they work?  An extra tidbit about “The Secret.”  It was an updated version with added fluff of Wallace T. Wattles 1905 book “The Science of Getting Rich,” with one key ingredient missing, action.  Action must be taken for your ideas and aspirations to be manifested.  Wattles mentions this in the final portion of his book.  The Secret doesn’t talk too much about actual action.

The science behind vision boards

I did some modern day research otherwise known as “googling it” to see if there is any research on the validity of vision boards.  Surprisingly, I could not find any double-blind scientific research on vision boards.  You will find articles written that they work or don’t work but they don’t provide any proof.  However, there has been extensive research done on visualization.  A technique which is employed by almost all top athletes.  From Michael Jordan to Michael Phelps.      

What visualization research has found

The findings in the investigation on visualization have discovered an impressive result.  When actions are visualized, as opposed to results, the areas of the brain associated with the movement react the same as if you’re performing the task.  In other words, visualizing a result is less effective than visualizing the process of achieving the result.  If you just think about having a yacht, the probability of having a yacht just appear in your life is small.  The probability increases dramatically when you imagine the actions needed to get a yacht.

The proof is in the pudding

One of the reasons I have decided to do a vision board is that some friends of mine have told me how powerful they are.  A new friend of mine Claudia Chavez said to me just this past week that she has been making what she calls dream boards for twenty years.  She stated that “95%” of what she includes on her boards becomes a reality.  My future coach, Shawn Bradford, who facilitates vision board workshops among many other things, has relayed the same message to me.  So, I guess the proof is going to be in the pudding for me.  As my vision board either becomes real or not, you can follow along on the journey.

Until Next Week,

Rich Decker – Mindful Accord